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“Connecting every student with the best instructors of the nation”


Mentee exists to uplift Nepalese education system to the par of International standards.

Extensive Course Materials

Every subject matter is discussed innovatively at miniscule level, which students can recall easily.


Every course on Mentee is delivered by top instructors from best colleges of Nepal and/or industry experts.


The teaching techniques at Mentee are unique and highly innovative such as glass learning.

Curriculum-based Subjects

Primarily focused for secondary school and high school students, each subject is designed comprehensively to cater their academic needs. You’ll learn in variety of ways including pre- recorded video tutorials, live online classes, Mentee library, Discussion forums and many more.Mentored by top-notch instructors, you will not only prepare yourself from examination point of view, but get an in-depth knowledge of every subject material.

Mentee Marketplace

Mentee believes schooling and curriculum-based education is just not enough for today’s (next gen) kids. Variety of professional courses packaged from very basic to advanced level makes Mentee Marketplace a perfect place for every individual, be it a primary level student seeking to widen their skill base or a professional seeking to change their career or even just looking to fulfill their long-endeavored hobby.

Why choose us?

Flexible Learning

Access mentee materials anytime anywhere through our apps for IOS and android as well as web-based platform. Most of our courses are self-paced, meaning you could complete a course in a week or take months as per your schedule. IOS/Android

Instant academic support

Make best use of our “Ask a Mentor” service to get connected with your chosen mentor for a 1:1 session or a problem-solving support. Ask a Mentor

Diverse Courses

Choose from a wide range of academic and professional courses, virtually in any field. Browse our courses

Expert Mentors

Learn from nationwide pool of top instructors of the country and industry experts. Meet our Mentors

Exclusive learning experience

Acknowledging diverse learning needs of students, Mentee offers lectures in varying formats, some of which are first of its kind in Nepal. Mentee-methods

Build your network

Join Mentee Community to connect with [1M+] fellow mentees to discuss your learning or to just expand your network. Your network is your net worth. Mentee Community


Having more than 15 years of experience in Nepal 's education agency market, the founders of Mentee obtained first-hand insight into Nepal's education system and how the existing system fell behind relative to the foreign education system.

The temptation of trying to fill up the gap was always there; do something to reach every student to the ends of remote villages, help them achieve their optimum potential, enabling enhanced lifestyle; do something to break the stereotypical biasness perceived in education available between metro cities and rural villages; and do something to escalate the literacy rate of Nepal.

This urge was then fueled by COVID 19 pandemic in 2020, which further jeopardized the current education system, and convinced the founders of the imminent need for an extensive online education system to enable every Nepali citizen, irrespective of age, sex, caste, religion and geographical location gain access to specialized and quality education at their fingertips.

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