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August 01, 2021


"Why everyone should make a bucket list"

A short and simple quote by Walt Disney says “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Well, some people might think it is an illusion and some might actually dream. It’s up to you which side you choose!

Today, we are going to acknowledge why everyone should make a bucket list and how it can benefit the kids to aim higher and bigger. Lets’ get it done rightly!

So, I’m sure you might be wondering what is bucket list though heard it many times still couldn’t get the exact meaning of it. Right? A bucket list is a list of experiences that one wishes to experience once in a lifetime. It can be anything, from the most random thing to the most difficult task. From flying high to diving underwater! Usually, people tend to set Bucket Lists to achieve their goals by writing them down and then planning how to chase that dream.  

Drag yourself from a boring routine and spare some of your time to have some fun and do things that you enjoy. Jotting down your bucket list can help you escape the mundane life and give you some joyous moment that drives you crazy. It’s true that doing things that you’re passionate about, can make you feel energetic. Therefore, why not a fun activity to have a relaxed moment. 

To create a bucket list there few things one should keep in mind while preparing it. You can’t simply look at your friend’s dream and make it yours. Every individual is a unique personality, you should know that what satisfies you might not satisfy others and vice-versa. Everyone has different goals and different meanings of happiness. Your initial task is to find things that make you elated and relaxed. Moving forward, lets’ peek at the points that can help you create a bucket list.

To fill your bucket list, you need to consider things like:

  • Visualize your goal and give a good amount of time to the things you wish to achieve.
  • Stay determined and focused to achieve your goals. Also, plan your action to achieve it.
  • Why not make a Commitment? Just making a commitment won’t work though, learn to stand on your words and deliver/ complete them on a given date and time
  • Remember to keep track of your accomplishments and experiences, So that you can always seek to do better.

After you are aware of things that are to be considered before preparing a bucket list, let me educate you on how you can be benefitted from curating it. Creating a bucket list not only gives you a fun time but also builds qualities that an individual wish to develop. Look at the pinners below:

  • It will give you a sense of motivation to run after the goal you have set. 
  • It definitely, keeps you on track and focused.
  • Rises your excitement level.
  • Undoubtedly, keeps you active and juiced up
  • Get ready to get out of your comfort zone willingly.
  • Damn, can you believe it, you will be able to create a legacy?
  • Dearies, you are able to dream bigger.

Coming to the main head, Why does one need a bucket list? How can bucket lists play an important role in your life? The below point will justify all your questions.

You will always have something to look forward to

School routine, playground might hit you with a monotonous life, right at that moment, your life needs a kick. Gear up to accomplish your goals and dream high. Time to list up things that excite you and you wish to it at least once in a lifetime.

It helps you kill the time effectively and productively

Preparing a bucket list can help you allot the time for the things you wish to achieve. 

 And you will automatically spend time breaking down your goals to achieve them in an easier and faster way. Resulting, a focused mind, and dedicated actions.

You will explore something new every time.

When you set different goals, in the process you will learn many things. Some good things to look forward to and some bad things to take as a lesson. However, you will learn and explore something new. So, keep investing your time in achieving goals and keep learning new things. Somehow and at some point in life, you will be able to use all your learnings.

Hence, improves your life

Connecting the above pinners, having a bucket list can result in improving your life. You start to dedicate your time and energy to worthy things. But you should also remember that all goals you list up might be achieved immediately, some might take time. So, work on it and get it done, no matter how long it takes. And always be proud of yourself that you are not among them who are wasting your time rather investing your time on something which is productive and relevant.

Remember, the bucket list cannot be completed in a month list or year, you might take 10 years to complete a goal and in-process add 10 more. It’s a lifetime bucket list in which you keep achieving your goals and adding. This is how you will make your life exciting every moment and eventually have something to look forward to.

Life’s Adventures, don’t waste it being mundane. Dream big and give deep thought to the things you want to achieve out of life. Your bucket list will remind you to achieve it. Get on with it, be unique, and set an example that everyone wishes to be like.

Have a bucket list and live your life to the fullest!

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