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July 27, 2021


The emotional health of Kid- Voice to every Parent!

Dear all the teenagers, consider me your angel because I’m here with the note, pointers, and messages that our parents should consider and understand about us. Pull your parents close and, let’s start reading!

 There is no doubt that every parent wants the best things for their kids, does the best for them, and gets the best things for them. So where is the gap? The first thing parents should consider is the age gap. You might have been cool at your age but give it a thought, how far you have come, and yes, there exist cooler things now. It is very important for parents to understand the generation gap and merrily to accept the changes around them. How will it help? Well, doing this will make you more acceptable towards your kids and encourage them to keep up with the trend. Also, there will be no debates on giving permission to what your kids are asking for. To clear here, permission is not limited to parties and travel but lengthening to career options, flexibility, self-exploration, and building relationships.

 So, now that we have covered the base let’s get you a peek of pointers that often slips from the mind of parents.

1 The emotional health of a Children

It’s important for a parent to know about their child first, then shaping his routine and career options. You need to have a closer look at how your kid is growing and what preferences he is choosing. After having a kid you can’t just let them be on their own or stick a nanny to them. You can’t be involved in your world and pay less attention to them. A kid needs special attention until they cross a teen. So, it is advisable for parents to have a closer gander.

2  Following modern parenting

When we say be modern with your kids, we didn’t mean lit a cigarette and pop the champagne. We advise you to understand where your kids stand and support him in the direction he wishes rather than paving one. Try to match the generation gap and be more understanding rather than forcing rules and restrictions. You kids will definitely listen to you and absolutely adore you if you pay attention to the below-mentioned ideas:

  • Consider being a role model. Have thorough research on your kid’s likes and dislikes. So why not be a person your kid respect and throw some positive vibes.
  • Practice positive parenting. When you shower them with positive experiences and stories. Your kids will always remember the wiser path, as the kids tend to observe more than to learn. 
  • Talking to your kids. A great way to know what they are up to and how they feel about things.
  • You got let them explore, of course, set a boundary.
  • Target to make your kids independent and learns the value of money.
3  Things Parents should consider

Many times parents often miss important things that make their kids feel special and loved. Let’s look into the things that should be given more emphasis:

  • They seek physical affection, a warm hug, or kisses.
  • Give them a safe, positive, encouraging, and healthy environment
  • Help them develop a self-esteem
  • Focus on quality childcare
4 Important things that every parent should know about your kids

There are things that most f the parents are not able to answers, probably that because of the communication gap and busy schedule. So, here is a question-answer round you guys can sit and play. Ask your parents these questions and write the answers prior to starting the game. Let’s check out the awareness. And eventually, you will learn about your kids.

  • What your child is doing when you are not around?\
  • Is your kid independent according to their age?
  • What is the thing that your kid can’t do alone?
  • What is the field of interest?
  • Is your kid hiding things from you?
  • What type of friends groups does your kid hang out with?
  • Is your kid performing well in school?
  • What is your kid’s favorite book or subject?
  • Who does your kid love more dad or mom or both and why?

Importance of good and modern parenting

Dear parents, you should know the fact that good parenting fosters a kid to weave strong self-esteem, head to a correct path, choose a valid decision, have self-control, be full of kindness and be cheerful. It also promotes motivation, protection from suffering anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and anti-social behavior. Moreover, kids will not fall into a zone of excess intake of alcohol and drug abuse. Kids will have a need to be around friends all the time, respects elder, and shower endless love to you all like an obedient kids.

Now that we have voiced the emotions of a child. There are few things a kid should do to keep up good mental health. It is vital a kid make friends that give them good influence and encourages them to perform better. You should remember that a good company matters a lot, it will definitely lead you to a successful path. When your parents are not around, it’s your friends you spend time with. So choose them wisely. Also, to have good and healthy mental health, it’s advisable to read the novel and motivational books that aspire an individual to a lot with your life. Furthermore, when your elder says something to your try to understand their point. They have aged gaining experience and will want best for your future. So being a rebel will not work, rather narrate your point, make them understand, and try to get their point as well. This way you will be able to make correct decisions in your life.

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